Dr Bob's Self Help Subliminal Messages

This program allows you to receive positive, self help messages on your computer screen. You may select the category of messages you like. Then the messages appear.

The messages were designed by Dr. Bob Gordon and his Expert Panel to be helpful to you mentally and emotionally.

After you pick the "category" of help you want, you may check the "visible" box. This will let you see the "messages" on your screen. When you are ready for them to be "subliminal" which means "not consciously visible", you check the "subliminal" box. They will be seen by your unconscious mind. But they will not interfere with your working on your computer.

You may choose for the messages to run continuously each time you start your computer by checking "unlimited". Or you may check a box for them to run for 10 minutes or 1 hour. You may also choose to start the application when your computer starts.



Self-Help Message Set Up (.EXE) (Windows)

Mac and Android editions coming soon.